You know that fondue set your parents got for their wedding that they used maybe twice? Uh-huh! That’s all we’re saying. No one really needs a fondue set, guys. Plus you’re lactose intolerant! And you know what? Your friends don’t want to get you a fondue set. They want to get you something you’ll love and cherish; something you’ll remember forever and ever. 

For something borrowed or something new, check out our 4 tips on how to get the gifts you want on your big day.  

1. Just be real

Your guests want to give you as much happiness as they can. Why not be sincere about what you really want so everyone wins? So many couples wish they had the guts to tell their guests just to transfer some money towards that one really big thing they truly want. If you’re struggling with phrasing it in a way that makes you feel comfortable, just call it a “Honeymoon Fund.”

 2. Choose the Purpose Prezzie

If your heart is feeling extra full and your pocket sufficiently heavy, you could consider spreading the love and setting up a charity registry. Today, about 1 in 10 couples incorporate a charitable element into their registries. It’s warm, it’s fuzzy, it’ll make you and your partner feel like extra good people (and you’ll be able to scratch off your guilt from stealing the slippers and all the hotel shampoos from that 5-Star dirty weekend away – yes, you know the one). Charity registries are a done thing and a good thing, and they’re easy to set up: just create a profile on a GoFundMe page or even just make a list of your designated charities and allow your guests to donate directly in your name.

3. Make a wish

Our daily shopping experiences are no longer confined to the nearest mall. Thanks to websites like Amazon, Takealot and the like, we’re spoilt for choice and we’re able to get our hands on exactly the kinds of products we’re looking for at competitive prices (with the added bonus of not having to put pants on for shopping). An online market place may not be the most personal option, but it sure has its merits if you’re widening your search on all things homey. Some of these online market places make it possible for you to create your own unique wish lists which are shareable (yay!) and make the job of gift buying a breeze for your special guests – and for those arbs your mom insisted you invite because they’ve known you “since you were this tall”.

4. The Real Winner: Online, with feeling.

We know that online registries are a great way of handing over the less-fun parts of gift receiving, allowing your registry to be handled with ease. But what if your (slightly impersonal) online link also came with finesse, with heart and soul, with sentiment and a whole of ‘anything for two’? Our friends over at Wrapistry ( have changed the gifting game with all of this.

Beyond the long list of gift departments, your guests will have the option of personalising your gift and/or buying you and your life partner an actual experience. Think Kayaking together, bush breaks together – even dead lifts at the gym together. It’s that real, and that personal. Cash funding is an option too. All under one roof. Plus they’ll keep track of the gifts your guests have purchased for you, making those thanks Karen and Dave for the beautiful gift which I wont mention by name because I jumbled up all the cards and I have no idea what you bought usa non-event. See why we love ‘em?

Online registries are the new bubble wrap of gifting – with all the pops, and zero sticky tape.   Your guests can filter, price check, co-share and deliver your gifts in comfort, and confidence, knowing they bought you exactly what you asked for. Everyone wins.

(FineLine recommends: keep in mind, having a diverse wish list with a range of cost value shows your consideration for all budgets, and will ensure that every guest finds something theyd be happy to purchase).

At F.L.E our priority is maximising joy and minimising headaches surrounding your big day. Not only are we passionate about happily-ever-after’s, we’re experts at it. Pop us a mail at [email protected] and come sit with us for a chat about all things décor, catering, registries and more. We have a bunch more ideas on how to get everything you want out of your special day, with the most simplicity.